David Meador is a master in concentration and focus. He's a great blind golfer, but the lessons taught are not about golf, they are about you.

To become a champion in life and business, you've got to find new ways of seeing and thinking.  Distractions are everywhere, vision alone is not enough.  Today's barrage of flat screens, flickering lights, pixels, and noise demands focus.

Using stories and humor, David will take you to a place where sight is secondary, where decisions stand out bright and clear.  You will learn that your limitations can become your best allies, and your challenges are a matter of choice.

(c) 2014 by David Meador & Beyond Vision

If you want a speaker who:

- Brings instant credibility
- Speaks with energy
- Engages your audience
- Connects with humor
- Is never boring
- Has a message worth hearing
- Incorporates your language and issues
- Is not afraid to challenge your group

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"It was the blind golfer
who really made us see."

- Ronald L. Samuels
  Chairman, Pres. & CEO
  Avenue Bank, Nashville, TN

David Meador
Motivational Speaker

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